After Onions, another Parcel Special Train to Bangladesh from Gujarat. Western Railway loaded a Special Parcel train from Kankaria (Gujarat) for Benapol (Bangladesh) to transport textiles, dye & chemicals.

If the export work between Gujarat and Bangladesh is done by truck, then the transportation cost will increase considerably. Due to this, preparations are being made to export goods from parcel trains. This will reduce the cost of transportation, which will have an impact on the price. Business will gain momentum due to cheaper goods transportation.
India has always been exporting onions to Bangladesh. In the past, for the first time, a freight train departed from Dhoraji in Gujarat to Darshana in Bangladesh, loaded with onions.

Traders from both the countries were constantly trying to export onion from goods train between Dhoraji to Bangladesh (Darshana). For this, some changes were made at Dhoraji Station, so that there is no problem in loading onions.