Railway Board Chairman (CRB) Vinod Kumar Yadav said that from 2022, 150 private trains will be run on 100 routes of Indian Railways. Preparation is going on vigorously at Railway board level. In the coming days, common people will not have to bother for trains. Railways will run trains and freight trains as per demand. For this, a radical change of the railway is being done.

The chairman of the Northeastern Railway, along with General Manager Rajiv Agarwal and his team, had reached Gorakhpur after inspecting the Varanasi-Ballia-Chhapra route by 'GM Inspection Special Train'. Talking to journalists at Gorakhpur Junction, he said that it has been decided to run private trains only for the convenience and betterment of common passengers. But the operation and safety will be in the hands of the Railways.
Here the demand for trains from Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata and Patna, Gorakhpur has increased. But there is no space on the railway lines for new trains. For this, we are building a freight corridor for freight trains only at the Indian Railways level. The Dedicated Freight Corridor will be ready by December 2021. After this, all the freight trains will run on the Freight corridor itself. In such a situation, our lines will be clear for passenger trains.

The chairman of the Railway Board said that Indian railway lines would be upgraded for passenger trains. For this, the government has sanctioned 13 thousand crores. On which trains will run at a speed of 130 kmph. The chairman said that the integration of railway services has been done for the better tomorrow. In the coming days, the officers will not only think about their department but also about the overall Railway and its development. Now all will be Railway officers, not the various (Electrical, Mechanical, Personnel, Commerce, Accounts, Vigilance etc.) departments. The process of seniority and promotion will not be affected by the integration.