Nawada MP Chandan Singh has appealed to Railway Minister Piyush Goyal in Lok Sabha to run Mahabodhi Express from Kiul to New Delhi, which is currently running from Gaya to New Delhi. MP Chandan Singh said that the pilgrims traveling from Nawada, Sheikhpura and Jamui to Delhi will get benefit if Mahabodhi Express operated from Kiul. At present, there is only one train for people of Nawada district for Delhi and train runs between Bhagalpur to New Delhi via Nawada on weekly basis.

Due to weekly train for Delhi, passengers of Nawada district go to Kiul or Gaya to take train for Delhi. Mahabodhi Express depart daily from Gaya at 2:15 PM. MP Chandan Singh said that this train will prove to be a boon for connecting the people of Nawada district directly to Capital of the country.
On 18th March last year, the route for operating the weekly train from Bhagalpur to New Delhi was changed via Nawada. Train number 12349/Bhagalpur - New Delhi weekly SF Express passes through Nawada at 7:45 PM every Monday. Former Nawada MP Giriraj Singh appealed to Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha to operate this train via Nawada.
After that, the people of Nawada got the gift of direct train from Nawada to Delhi for the first time after independence, although most of the passengers of Nawada still go to Kiul or Gaya for traveling to Delhi because of weekly train for Delhi. During the Lok Sabha elections, the people of Warisale Ganj in the district also raised the demand for the stoppage of this weekly train in Warisale Ganj, they said that the Warisale Ganj Station provides the highest revenue to Railway from Nawada District, why there is no stoppage of this train in Warisale Ganj.